This app helps you get your holiday shopping done while supporting ethical businesses

It’s no secret that online shopping is the (literal) best. Items delivered right to your door, without so much as having to change out of your pajamas? Sign us up.

But what if you had something to help you vet the companies you shop from, to make sure the products you buy are ethically made?

new app will do just that.

DoneGood, available as a smartphone app (or as a chrome extension, if you don’t want to shop with your phone). It tracks ethical companies  for online shopping who treat workers fairly and provide safe working conditions.

"We built the browser extension because it literally means people don't have to spend any more time or do anything differently than they already do when they shop online," Cullen Schwarz, cofounder of DoneGood, told Mashable in an email.

“Just search on Google or Amazon or visit company websites, and when there’s a DoneGood company that has what you’re looking for, the extension shows it to you,” he said.

Your dollars matter. Put them to good use by supporting companies that do the right thing.

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