This app will help you get over your next breakup

Dealing with extreme heartbreak is never easy. Breakups often requires endless hours of talking things out with friends, family, and really anyone who will listen. But sometimes it’s hard taking advice from the people who are closest to you, especially at a time when you’re most vulnerable, and all you can think about is getting back together with the person you should obviously not get back together with.

To save your sanity and the sanity of your loved ones, there’s an app that will offer you expert advice on getting over your breakup. Rx Breakup is a 30-day three step program designed to help women deal with the emotional stress of a painful breakup.

The app was created by the founder of Stila cosmetics, Jeanine Lobell, and therapist Jane Reardon.

The app “combines clinical and creative expertise delivering a smart, stylish, supportive guide for moving on in the digital age,” according to the website.

“All of us can relate to the emotional pain of heartbreak,” Lobell said. “Too many of us get hung up on the past that we forget how resilient we can be when motivated. Rx Breakup is that extra push we all need from our fingertips. It’s an app that speaks to the current breakup climate. These days, relationships and breakups often take place in the digital sphere — we thought, ‘Why can’t breakup recovery take place there, too?’”

You can download the heart healing app for free here.

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