This app wants to end global food waste while helping you save money on dinner

An innovative new app is aiming to solve the world’s food waste problem — and save you money in the process.

It’s no secret that food waste is a big, big issue.

According to Business Insider, the world wastes enough food every year to feed 2 billion people. In the United States, up to 40 percent of usable food ends up in landfills, even though roughly 20 percent of American households go hungry.

The BuffetGo app wants to change these horrifying statistics by making it easier for restaurants to make use of leftover uneaten food, all while connecting families in need with food they can afford.

How does it work?

Users search by zip code to find buffets that sell unsold food for up to 90% off. They use the app to pay for their meal, then go to pick up the food around closing time. That’s a win-win for everyone, right?


Founder Emily Lolby told Business Insider:

“The foods prepared in the last hour are perfectly fresh and untouched but sadly due to restaurant regulations, unsold food must be thrown out.”

The app, founded in 2014, is now available to use in eight countries, including the United States. Mobile operations in America aren’t up yet, but users can still log on to their website to access the service.

Oh, and get this: Your money is going to a good cause. BuffetGo donates 20 percent of every purchase to the United Nations World Food Programme.

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