The #apeshitchallenge has taken over Twitter, and we think Beyoncé would be proud of these dance moves

It’s been over a week since Beyoncé and Jay-Z dropped their surprise joint album, Everything is Love, but we’re still not over it — and obviously, Twitter isn’t either. The first video from the album for their single “Apeshit” dropped on June 16th (featuring Bey and Jay in a totally empty Louvre), and moved fans. Now, it’s inspiring (and moving) people for a whole different reason.

In the video, Bey dances boldly and freely in a white gown in the Louvre, taking up the space she deserves. Her fans, of course, want to do the same.

Enter the #apeshitchallenge, which has taken Twitter by storm.

Basically, people are trying to recreate the scene from the video, and the results are pretty fabulous. This new meme is everything we ever wanted, and even though there are already tons of videos of people doing the challenge, somehow it just keeps getting better.

The challenge itself is pretty easy to participate in. All you have to do is get a white sheet, which pretty much everyone has, and bust out your best Beyoncé moves. You can’t fail at the #apeshitchallenge; you can only learn what it’s like to embrace your most Yoncé self.

Confused? Let Chloe (of Chloe x Halle fame) show you how it’s done:

And if you like dogs, this particular video will definitely do it for you, with Jersey doing her best to keep up:

There’s also Bree, who kept dancing even though her glasses fell off mid-move — true dedication:

And then there’s also this one, involving a hat that really pushed it to the next level:

And Antonio, who took it upon himself to recreate a couple of different scenes from the video:

Long live the #apeshitchallenge.

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