Why I’m pumped for the new indie film ‘Apartment Troubles’

I love finding out about fun, low-budget indie films that rely on word-of-mouth to get attention. It’s like discovering a great, underrated book that you want to share with everyone you know. It’s a secret club that spawns a million conversations with friends who are also in the know. Which brings me to the new indie film Apartment Troubles—available on iTunes and VOD starting today. It’s definitely not the blockbuster film everyone’s talking about this weekend, but I’ve been psyched about it ever since I first heard the premise.

The film follows Olivia and Nicole, two struggling artist roommates and extremely co-dependent friends in New York. When faced with eviction, they take off on a spontaneous trip to Los Angeles to figure out how to fix the mess they’re in and what to do next. A tarot card reading convinces them that their next step is to audition together for a reality TV talent show. (Lance Bass cameo as a judge!). But their relationship is tested while their true personalities emerge.

The two leading actresses Jess Weixler and Jennifer Prediger co-wrote and co-directed the film, proving once again that talented women will go out and create the work that they want. (And they’re real life friends making their directorial and screenwriting debut together). As evident from the trailer, hilarious supporting roles are played by Jeffrey Tambor, Megan Mullally and Will Forte.

I always love the idea of a female buddy comedy (Thelma & Louise anyone? I mean minus the tragic ending of course). But the overall theme of twenty-somethings struggling to achieve their dreams and figure out their place in the world, while not unique, is always going to grab my attention for the relatable factor. The fact that it was also written and directed by two cool women makes me even more excited to on-demand this movie tonight.

Check out the quirky trailer here:


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