Things got a little weird on this year’s AP Euro exam — and Mickey Mouse might have been involved?

High school students know that a good way to get a boost on college credits — or a leg up in the competitive college admissions process — is to sign up for Advanced Placement courses. But at the end of the year, that means taking AP tests, and scoring a 4 or 5 isn’t easy. Especially for all of the students who took this year’s AP European History exam.

Though this year’s AP Language students scored an opportunity to troll President Trump, there were no softballs for AP Euro. Instead, test takers had to answer questions about pseudoscience, the Glorious Revolution, and, uh, Mickey Mouse?

Students all across the country took to Twitter to air their complaints (and post some fire memes).

We totally get it. Okay, so we can’t remember taking any history tests that actually asked us about specific Disney characters. But we’ve all sat down for an exam only to face questions we could’ve never even imagined. Like this one.

According to Twitter, there were two different test booklets — Booklet O and Booklet M — and both came with their own unique challenges.

Some Twitter users weighed in on the general test-taking experience.

And they did it using their AP Euro knowledge. Shouldn’t they pass just for that?


At least this student has a fool-proof studying strategy.

You can check out everyone’s tweets in the #APEuro hashtag.

We just hope everybody gets to keep their scores after chatting about the test — unless it was really as bad as they say. If that’s the case, some of these students probably feel just fine about cancelling their scores.

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