This artist turned Botticelli’s Venus into a porcelain doll, and we have no words

When we think “porcelain doll,” we usually think “eerie, haunted-looking relic.” You know, the kind of artifact you might find in your grandmother’s attic. But one artist imagined the Birth of Venus as a porcelain doll and the results are absolutely breathtaking — not creepy at all.

According to So Bad So Good, artist Anya Kozlova, known for her dolls, rendered Venus in her signature style. She also photographed the doll in front of a background meant to mimic the original painting from 1486. The resulting work pays homage to Botticelli’s masterpiece. But since Venus is a doll this time, it feels fresh and different.

We think Kozlova did Botticelli proud with her interpretation.

According to Ufunk, Kozlova hand-painted every single detail herself. Lucky for us, she also documented the process on her website and Instagram, where you can see her create the Venus doll from scratch.

The attention to detail is absolutely amazing.

Kozlova’s work is incredibly intricate.

The artist built ball-joints into the doll so that she can be posed in various ways.

Now, compare her version with Botticelli’s:

Naturally, there are some key differences. Most notably, Venus is literally a doll in Kozlova’s version, which combines the mediums of photography and painting. Kozlova also completely did away with the other figures in the painting, choosing to focus on the central image of Venus standing on the shell.

It makes sense that she would simplify the background, considering how long the doll likely took to complete.

She even has eye makeup on!

Interested in buying a Kozlova original? There’s no word on pricing, but her website does feature  information about how to purchase her work. It’s probably as close as you’re gonna get to owning a Botticelli — and just as beautiful!