Pack your bags for Anxiety Beach, June’s hottest vacation destination

Hi! It’s the last day of May, and time for another ~A Wednesday Cute~!

School’s mostly out and bikinis are plastered all over every online store’s front page. Are you ready to party? Are you filled with weird summer kickoff emotions? Well, have I got a destination for you.


Check out this small, incredible island: Anxiety Beach! Even if you’re there with your friends, you may still feel isolated and surrounded by an ocean of worry! The beautiful, soft white sand is made up of thoughts about student debt, apartment searching, relationship woes, impostor syndrome, and hoping that your old air-conditioning unit will sustain you through the summer.

The good news? There’s a boat out there in the distance that’ll come sweep you back home soon. Until then, make sure you’re applying sunscreen. I’m right there with you!

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