Ants figured out an incredible way to survive the South Carolina floods

There’s been some major rain and flooding going on in Dorchester County, South Carolina, over the past few days. Nine dams have been breached. (Nine!) Rescue efforts are going on in the area, and shelters have been set up because people have been evacuated from their homes. Not just people, actually. Even the ants have been displaced.

Earlier today, a cameraman from WSAV News 3 captured a video of a community of fire ants floating down the flood waters. There are so many ants crammed on their bobbing shelter that we’re not even sure what they’re floating on. A leaf maybe? (South Carolina is known as the Palmetto State, after all.) We also don’t know if the ants had an emergency evacuation plan in place, or if this was just some spontaneous ant-thinking. Either way, it’s pretty incredible. And as one astute Facebook commenter pointed out, the floating ant island is even shaped like South Carolina. Good job, ants. Way to pay attention to detail.

Am I the only one imagining them rocking out to I Will Survive as they float to safety? I mean, if ants are smart enough to pull off such an epic survival maneuver, surely they know enough to appreciate a good disco anthem.

[Image via WSAV News 3. Video via Facebook.]