Antoni from Queer Eye is an underwear model now, and Twitter has never been thirstier

First things first, if you haven’t seen Netflix’s reboot of Queer Eye, stop reading and turn on your television. Seriously, you need to see what all the fuss is about. Okay, now, if you have seen the hit show, then you’ll remember its delightful chef, Antoni Porowski. Yes, his guacamole recipe is a little controversial, but overall, viewers have loved watching Antoni teach the show’s subjects how to cook (even if those were just elevated hot dogs). But now, fans are getting to see Antoni in a whole new light, and they’re loving this too.

Yes, Antoni from Queer Eye is an underwear model now, and the internet is definitely thirsty as heck.

Now, before we get to the pictures, let’s keep in mind that they’re part of a professional endorsement for the reality star, and even though he undoubtedly looks good, Antoni is simply doing his job. According to People, Hanes “teamed up with Porowski, Nev Schulman, and football star Victor Cruz, for the launch of its new Comfort Flex Fit boxer briefs, which the newbie reality star, 34, expertly models in photos shot by his boyfriend Joey Krietemeyer.”

Okay, ready for the photographic evidence?

It’s definitely a look, isn’t it?

Well, you aren’t alone in thinking so, as plenty of Twitter users have posted their approval of Antoni’s new gig.

And fans were honestly shocked that the soft-spoken chef was so, um, built in the flattering photo.





Now, for those surely wondering, does Antoni cook in his underwear? He told People that that’s *not* the case. “I don’t cook around heat in my underwear. It’s dangerous, and I have burned myself in the past, but until noon I am allowed to walk around in my underwear.”

Really, though, there are other celebrity photos that people have been talking about in relation to Antoni, something one Twitter user just couldn’t let slide.

And we get it, because we basically already love Jolly as much as we love Antoni!

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