Antoni Porowski’s “leftover turkey hack” will change your Thanksgiving leftover game forever

Thanksgiving is a time for family, football, and of course, food. However, it’s also a time for the dreaded leftover situation. As in you have a literal week’s worth of turkey to get through, even though turkey infamously gets less and less appetizing with each passing day. It’s definitely not the worst problem in the grand scheme of things—but it’s a problem nonetheless. And Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski just changed our lives forever with this one incredibly simple hack.

Porowski appeared on the November 21st episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers to share some healthful recipes from his N.Y.C. restaurant, The Village Den. Not only did the chef share some nutritious (and delicious) holiday recipes, but he taught viewers a trick to get around the prevalent “dry turkey problem.”

"Turkey meat tends to get a little dry after it's been out for a couple of days," Porowski began. "So [here's] a quick little trick that you can use to rehydrate it."

He then instructed Meyers (aka his assistant) to shred the leftover turkey meat with his hands and throw the shreds in a pot of hot broth. “[…] This is gonna soften it up. You can put bay leaves in here—this is low sodium—we don’t need too much sodium.” Porowski stirred the turkey in the broth for a few minutes and then, voila! It’s ready to be re-used for sandwiches, rice bowls, wraps—the works.

You can see the whole segment (as well as Meyers and Porowski’s hilarious banter) here:

Thank you, Antoni. You just improved Thanksgiving weekend by 1,000%.

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