Antoni Porowski told us which Queer Eye cast member he dedicated a recipe to in his new cookbook

When Antoni Porowski isn’t filming Netflix’s hit show Queer Eye, he’s working on all of his food projects. Case in point: Porowski recently opened his “fast-casual, healthy” restaurant, Village Den, in N.Y.C. Even more exciting? The Queer Eye star is working on his cookbook, which he is set to release in the spring of 2019.

HelloGiggles recently spoke with Porowski about his latest partnership with Excedrin, and the chef dished on his upcoming cookbook—including the recipe he dedicated to his cast mate. While laughing, Porowski revealed that he made a recipe specifically for Johnathan Van Ness because he knew there would be “hell to pay” if he left Van Ness out.

"Jonathan, even though he has never chopped a vegetable in his life, insisted on being in the cookbook," Porowski told HG. "There is a recipe dedicated purely to him, even though he's never made it before. It's something that he loves to eat because it would've been hell to pay if I didn't include him in there."

Aside from an entire recipe dedicated to one of the Fab Five, Porowski said there’s a little bit of everything in his new cookbook. So whether you’re on a budget or you need to make a fancier dish for a group of friends, he’s got you covered.

"It's turning into an autobiography of food that I had growing up with my parents, who have Polish heritage but would travel a lot. Food that I made in college when I was a broke student. I was learning how to make risotto for under $10 for eight people—the food that I make now for my cast mates, Tan [France] and Jonathan specifically. There is an homage to fajitas in there," he said.

Porowski emphasized why his cookbook is turning into a sort of memoir. “Food is a constant throughout my whole life,” he said. “That’s how I connect with people. It’s how I show my love, through service and making meals for myself and loved ones. It takes you through my whole life until now, basically.”

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