This “ANTM” contestant’s dad is way more high drama than the reality show

America’s Next Top Model is known for all its onscreen drama, but nobody could have guessed how dramatic Justine Biticon’s dad is IRL. Fans of the reality show remember Justine for her sense of humor and her elimination memes. And now we know she gets it from her dad.

Biticon tweeted a text thread between her and her father after she cancelled plans with him, and the results are hilarious. After traveling for work, she often asks her dad to pick her up from the airport, but when she asked her mother to come instead, her dad had some major feelings.

Biticon’s dad starts out only mildly passive aggressive, saying, “First, you don’t go to the gym with me and now you don’t want me to pick you up at the airport. It’s ok.” When his daughter tried to reassure him, he followed up with an icy, “it’s ok, enjoy your life.”

Things went down here from there, as he claimed to be dead from the snub.

Daughters everywhere can relate, although maybe not to this dramatic extent. Biticon’s father doubled down on the parental guilt. He declared, “It’s OK, I’m going to hold my breath until I die now.”

But it gets worse,  “Tell your future kids that I love them. Just because they are kids of my favorite daughter.”

She responded with a “DAD,” and he sent this hilarious response, “The number you have dialed is now dead. Please don’t try to call again. If you text to this number again, you will be charged with a long-distance fee. Heaven is really far away. And sadly, your dad is not there. Hell is even more expensive.”

Biticon realizes how “extra” her dad is, and posted this exchange to show off her dad’s keen wit.

Of course, Justine clearly has a great head on her shoulders. And she can joke about pretty much anything, including being eliminated from ANTM.

And now we see that much of that playfulness comes from her father.