This hilarious “anti” cooking show will soon become your fave thing on the internet

Last year, “intolerable foodie” Kate McLennan and “her food intolerant friend” Kate McCartney” became YouTube sensations with their bizarrely surreal Australian cooking show “The Katering Show.” It was half comedy, half almost-cooking show and it was fully brilliant. Now they have returned with a second season, and we couldn’t be happier:

If you’ve ever tried to cook only to end up with an absolute disaster, you must check The Katering Show out. It’s hilarious.

Plus, The Katering Show offers darkly comedic quips such as:

Not to mention harsh #truths such as:

If the Season 1 episode where the girls try to quit sugar doesn’t get you hooked, then we don’t know what will:

Seriously, These ladies are the best. I want them to visit us in America so I can bow down at their feet… and show them just how bad a chef I, too, can be. Now it’s time to sit down and binge watch Season 2.

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