Meet the dude all the fans want to play young Han Solo

As you may have seen, the shortlist of actors in the running to play Han Solo was just released and there are a lot of familiar faces in the running. Ansel Elgort AKA Augustus Waters. Miles Teller, He Who Drums Until The Blood Comes. Logan Lehrman, who we know as a wallflower AND a demigod. Scott “Son of Clint” Eastwood. Dave “Brother of James” Franco. Blake “From Glee” Jenner. (Okay, so maybe it’s not that short a list after all.)

That said, it seems that the number-one fan choice to play young Han Solo has been left off of Disney’s list altogether. In fact, you may not have even heard of Anthony Ingruber AKA The Dude Basically Everyone Wants to Play Han.

So how was it that all the fans came to decide that this relative unknown was destined to be THE scruffy looking nerf herder?   Well, first off, Ingruber has actually played “Young Harrison Ford” before, this past year, in fact, in Age of Adaline AKA the movie where Blake Lively is supposed to be a hundred-plus-years old, but looks like she’s twenty-nine because of a car accident and some lightning-magic that was confusingly explained through voice-over. In any event, Ingruber was a VERY convincing young Harrison Ford. Check it: 

And if his turn in Adaline isn’t enough to convince you, check out the dead-on Han Solo reel he put on YouTube in 2008, years before “The Young Han Solo Prequel” was even a glimmer in Disney/Lucasfilm’s eye:

Ingruber is all kinds of grateful for the fan support:

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