You’ll never be able to unsee this detail about the Wasp’s costume in “Ant-Man and the Wasp,” and we’re so sorry in advance

Every day, we get closer and closer to the release of the Ant-Man sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp. The film stars Paul Rudd, reprising the role of Ant-Man, while Evangeline Lilly takes on Hope Van Dyne/the Wasp. It’s a pretty stacked cast that also features Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Laurence Fishburne. But instead of getting hyped for the film itself, which comes out on July 6, 2018, people seem distracted by the costuming. Specifically, the Wasp’s costume.

The internet is pointing out a certain, well, unsavory detail in the Wasp’s costume. At first glance, Lilly’s outfit looks like typical skintight superhero garb. But the designer apparently went a little too far in trying to make it look wasp-y. Becuase if you look more closely, the chest area design looks slightly NSFW. Ok, we’ll just come right out and say it: The pattern looks like a penis. And the phallic imagery is kicking up a viral storm. Because the design also makes it look like the penis is pointing all the way down to the Wasp’s crotch area.

It’s awkward, to say the least. And probably unfixable at this point, unless they can somehow tweak the look in editing. We suppose it will just go down in Disney’s rich history of adult-content easter eggs.

Fans are mostly surprised that nobody noticed this detail about the Wasp’s costume during filming.

Like, really surprised.

And how once you see it, you’ll notice it forever.

It is an unfortunate decision though, especially during the recent scrutiny of female superhero costumes.

When the new Justice League movie came out, for example, the internet hated the new Amazon warrior outfits. People called out the film (and its male director) for the skimpier, less functional looks. Guess we’ll have to keep waiting for Hollywood to get it right on a more consistent basis.

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