The internet can’t handle Ansel Elgort’s adorable relationship with his high school sweetheart

Ansel Elgort isn’t a movie star, per se. And he didn’t “break out” in Baby Driver because he’s been around a while, but Baby Driver kind of nudged him closer to everyone’s consciousness. And because of that nudge, the world has started googling him.

Which is probably why so many people on the internet are freaking out about the fact that he’s been in a very serious and very long relationship with his high school sweetheart.

His girlfriend’s name is Violetta Komyshan, she is a ballerina, and according to Cosmopolitan‘s fantastic deep dive on their relationship, they met at Fame high school, LaGuardia High.They’ve reportedly been dating for five years with a brief break in 2014. They seem incredibly in love, and we’re catching some kind of feeling.

Uh, hi?

Naturally, the internet is like ??? . false false

Just for funsies, let’s take a quick trip through this photogenic couple’s relationship.

These cuties are seriously v. adorable. A five-year relationship amongst twenty-somethings is very rare in Hollywood. Super rare. That might be a huge part of their appeal, that Hollywood’s newest “hottie” is a dedicated boyfriend to his high school sweetheart.

And just one more to seal the deal.

Yup, that’s the sound of your heart actually passing out. Buh, bye!