Get ready for Ansel Elgort, super spy

Ansel Elgort is a really busy guy. He dominated box offices last summer in The Fault In Our Stars, he’s starring in all four (!) Divergent films, and, let’s not forget, making electronic house music in between all of his other projects as his DJ alter ego, Ansolo. As if that resume wasn’t already way impressive, Ansel is set to star in November Criminals alongside Chloe Grace Moretz, and he’s also going to be in Baby Driver with Cinderella, er, Lily James.

Wait, there’s more! The Hollywood Reporter just revealed that Ansel has been cast in the role of a lifetime, as an American spy in Beirut during the 1980’s in an upcoming action flick called Code Name Veil. Though that “veil” isn’t for my wedding with him (sad face), Ansel’s part sounds oh so awesome:

Whew! Sounds intense. Just like Ansel’s eyes.

There are no details yet about whether or not Ansel will be wearing a James Bond-like tuxedo in the film. No matter what, his espionage skills are bound to be impressive – he’s already snuck in and stolen all of our hearts, so a hostage situation in Beirut shouldn’t be too difficult for him to handle.

Because I am too impatient for behind-the-scenes photos to be released, I went ahead and created a mock-up of what Ansel might look like as a secret agent. If the PR team for Code Name Veil is interested in using this as the movie poster, that’s totally fine with me!

(Images via Debby Wong /,  here, here, and here.)