Ansel Elgort sang during his Golden Globes 2020 bit and Twitter can’t quite handle it

The beauty of live shows is that you never know what’s about to happen. For example, at last night’s January 5th Golden Globes, Ansel Elgort belted out a short little tune that caught the audience off guard, and Twitter can’t quite handle the hilarity.

Elgort and actress Dakota Fanning were tasked with presenting the Golden Globe for Best Original Song, which ultimately went to Elton John’s “I’m Gonna Love Me Again” from Rocketman. Rather than simply saying, “And here are the nominees for Best Original Song,” Elgort decided to try something new and different, and delivered his line via song.

TBH, we were all Dakota Fanning in that moment.

The fact that Elgort didn’t even crack a smile is what really gets us. He sang, and he meant business.

Twitter immediately began dissecting what the heck just happened. We needed an instant replay, and fast.

Some weren’t into his spur-of-the-moment audition.

And others worried that this off-the-cuff riff damaged his credibility after being cast as the lead in Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of West Side Story.

For those of you who didn’t get the memo, Elgort is set to play Tony.

But, truth be told, Elgort is a musician and singer. He has a great voice. This weird blip during the Golden Globes doesn’t represent his actual talent, okay?

Yeah, the whole thing was kind of weird and awkward. But at the end of the day, we don’t really care. We still love Ansel Elgort, and probably always will.

And Dakota Fanning, too. We also love Dakota Fanning and her reaction to this situation.

Listen, you either loved or hated Elgort’s Golden Globes musical interlude. And we get it, no matter which side you stand on.

But we all must come to terms with the fact that it happened. As for us, we stan the ever-unpredictable Elgort, and we can’t wait to see him in the role of Tony.

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