Ansel Elgort was replaced with the Snapchat hot dog in the “Baby Driver” trailer

Sometimes the internet hands us gifts, and we gladly accept those gifts. The latest gift comes in the form of the Baby Driver trailer starring the Snapchat hot dog instead of Ansel Elgort, and it’s fantastic. But let’s be honest, the Snapchat hot dog could pretty much replace anyone in any trailer, and it would be entertaining.

The movie stars Elgort as Baby, a guy who’s been coerced into being a getaway driver for a crime boss. He meets the woman of his dreams, played by Lily James, and decides that he doesn’t want to live that lifestyle anymore.

As expected, the synopsis of the updated trailer is exactly the same — except Elgort has been replaced by a hot dog.

The hilarious trailer was created by YouTube user BigVanElecMan, and it strangely just works.

Check it out:

Pure gold, right? But also conflicting, because as much as we love Elgort, we kind of love the Snapchat hot dog more — at least in this situation.


And here’s the original trailer for your reference. You know, in case you want to get a better idea of what the movie is about sans dancing cartoon hot dog.

Baby Driver starring Elgort is currently in theaters, but if you can’t get enough Snapchat hot dog, you can find him pretty much everywhere on the internet doing his hot dog thing.

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