Ansel Elgort once posed as the Easter Bunny for a high school calendar

During the 2018 Golden Globe awards, Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort was reunited with his high school classmate Call Me By Your Name star Timothée Chalamet. The two up-and-comers both attended LaGuardia High School in Manhattan, and during a red carpet interview, they were asked who was more popular in high school. Chalamet said that it would have to be Elgort because “Ansel had a calendar with him in it.” Hold up, what? Elgort had his own ~calendar~…in high school?

When we hear a person is in a “calendar,” we think of a “sexy” calendar, like twelve months of sexy firemen. Depending on where you fall on the Elgort spectrum, his calendar shoot was twelve months of…something. Once Chalamet dropped the calendar bomb, the internet started off on a hunt to find it.

Elgort clarified on Twitter that he did not commission his own calendar shoot, and Vulture adds that it was his sister who photographed the whole thing.

“Hold up! I did not make the calendar myself! The calendar and shoot was organized by student council! To raise money! I’d pay [money] to see a Timmy calendar tho,” the actor tweeted.

Without further ado, here is ~The Ansel Calendar.~


We wonder how many high school kids paid to see shirtless Elgort waiting on a bench in pink shorts — also what month was that supposed to represent? We never thought we needed to see Elgort in a bunny suit frying eggs, or dressed as a pilgrim, but now that we’ve seen it, it feels…right.