These colorful macaroons are the latest in a growing category of ~unicorn~ desserts

Attention unicorn fans: there is another unicorn dessert out there and it’s even cuter than the last one.

Over the past couple of months we’ve seen unicorn cheesecakes, the gorgeous unicorn hot chocolate, and of course the magical unicorn ice cream and now we’ve got unicorn macaroons!

In the past these mythical creatures were only seen on TV shows or on cute accessories, but now unicorns are all the rage…especially in the food world.

In fact, the latest sweet dessert to feature an ode to the magical flying horse is the cutest one of them all. Thanks to a few fabulous bakeries — unicorn macaroons exist and they look delightful.

Mac Lab Bakery in Georgia created a unicorn shaped macaroon after they were asked for cakes shaped like the flying beauty.

Their result is truly magical and we want to eat them right now.

They are fruity pebble flavored, what could be better than that?

Christina’s Cupcakes in Philadelphia has its own version of the treat and yes, it’s equally as cool.

They’re so shiny!

Mac by Nat in Florida used some colorful frosting for the creature’s hair and gold fondant for the horn. Our favorite detailing on this one is the drawn-on eyes.

If you need more unicorn macaroon inspiration we’ve got even more photos from the latest Instagram food trend below.

What do you think about these cute desserts? Which flavor would you want to try?