Get ready, an iconic pop star has just joined the cast of “Moana”

Ever since Disney first announced their upcoming movie Moana, we have been beyond excited. Between the fact that the storyline is completely centered around a strong, young woman (like a little film they just released called Frozen) and that it will not conspicuously lack a “love interest,” there’s already so much to love about this movie. 

And now Disney has just announced another huge name that will be joining the already amazing cast alongside Dwayne Johnson (who will be the the half-man, half-god Maui).

Nicole Scherzinger will be voicing Moana’s protective and loving mother, Sina.

And we are beside ourselves with excitement.

The singer has already proved she’s a massively talented performer who’s a delight to both listen to and watch onscreen, so no doubt she’ll be bring an amazing spin to the character.

And from the looks of it, she’s as excited about Moana coming to theaters as the rest of us.

As the driving force behind “The Pussycat Dolls,” Scherzinger already knows a thing or two about #GirlPower. So we can only imagine how she (or Sina) naturally impart those lessons onto her animated daughter, Moana.

It’s nice to see that a story about a beautiful, strong-willed, independent woman will be featuring a woman who is all those things IRL.

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