We have another pic of Chrissy Teigen’s baby daughter Luna, and it’s too adorable for words

Yesterday, Chrissy Teigen posted a photo of her newborn daughter Luna for the first time, and the crowd went WILD. In the Instagram photo, you can see Chrissy looking at her daughter with so much love, it makes us want to melt into a collective puddle of emotion. Born on April 14th, Baby Luna Simone Stephens already has a special place in all of our hearts.

But Chrissy isn’t the only parent who’s showing off Luna’s precious lil’ baby face. Dad John Legend just posted a NEW photo of his daughter to Instagram, and OHMYGODYOUGUYS, she’s SO CUTE. Look. At. Her. Face. Her eyes are open and she’s probably thinking, “Sooo…is mom going to bring me to McDonald’s OR WHAT.”

Luna looks so much like Chrissy Teigen here! And that hair! She already has so much! Well done, Chrissy and John. Ya done good.

Meanwhile, our social media princess and new mama Chrissy has taken to Twitter to shed some refreshing light on motherhood. Like this tweet that describes post-pregnancy aftercare.

She also mused that her daughter is going to have a tough time learning the truth about how many legs a dog has, since one of her French bulldogs only has three legs.

Keep the baby pics coming, they’re infinitely brightening our week.