Oh yes, we’ve got another Harry Potter fan theory that’s completely blowing our minds

We live for Harry Potter fan theories…especially when they have to do with new perspectives after re-reading older books. The newest HP fan theory is about Harry’s very last memory of his mother, and after mulling it over ourselves, we think it makes a lot of sense!

We’ve all heard Harry recall the last moments just before his mother’s death a time or two, but we never questioned how a 15-month-old was able to retain so much information about the event until now. Well, now there’s a new theory that could explain exactly why Harry picked up so much, and it’s pretty darn startling!


As seen on E! Online, a Reddit user named Starjazo pondered whether or not a child at such a young age is able to have vivid memories, and it lead him to believe that Harry’s tragic memory isn’t his own, but rather Voldemort’s. And because we know that Harry and Voldemort are able to see into each other’s minds, we think the Reddit theorist could be onto something!

"The reason Harry blacked out during dementor attacks is because this act of selfless love by Lily causes Voldemort unendurable pain whenever he experiences it," the Reddit user continues. "Like when he tried to possess Harry or touch him via Quirrel. Harry blacks out because one part of his soul is in agony while the other is not. The dementors bring up the memory of this act of love, which Voldemort cannot stand."


Just a little something to consider as you begin your holiday Harry Potter binge sesh!

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