There’s yet another norovirus outbreak at Chipotle, and the tears are real

Take a seat, everyone, because it’s happened AGAIN. Earlier today, there was a confirmed case of norovirus at a Chipotle restaurant, so while you might want to cry into a burrito right now… maybe don’t do exactly that right now.

Here are the details: The Chipotle in Billerica, Massachusetts has confirmed that three employees called in sick to work, and one of them has a case of norovirus.  According to Boston’s ABC news, it’s suspected that two other employees also have norovirus, but, thankfully, none of them were actually in the restaurant when they got sick. There might be a fourth sick employee, too, but that’s unconfirmed right now.

But! — sigh of relief — so far no Chipotle customers have come down with the norovirus.

As of right now, the Chipotle has voluntarily shut down and everything the sick employees came in contact with are either being disposed of (in the case of open food) or throughly scrubbed (as with, literally everything in the restaurant).

No other cases have been reported, and hopefully — cross you fingers and hope for the best — this is just an isolated incident, and not one that’s going to completely buckle our favorite burrito joint, like what happened in 2015. Those were dark burrito times, guys.

So, let’s have a moment of silence for the closed Billerica Chipotle, and wish them a speedy recovery in getting nice and clean again, so we can get back to our weekly (or, maybe daily) guac and chips. This break-out in only Massachusetts right now, so no need to freak out…yet.