Another “Bunheads” star joins “Gilmore Girls” because those television worlds need to keep colliding

First came Gilmore Girls. Then came Bunheads. Then came Gilmore Girls, again. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Bunheads is going to have a second coming anytime soon, since the network formerly known as ABC Family canceled it after one season. But that setback certainly won’t stop these two worlds from showrunner Amy Sherman-Palladino from colliding.

Last month, we learned that the woman behind Lorelai Gilmore 2.0 (who was fabulous and perfect in her own way) Sutton Foster would be stopping by Stars Hollow for a visit. It’s still unclear if Foster will be reprising her role from Bunheads — Michelle, a dance teacher and former Vegas showgirl — or if she’d be someone completely new. The same goes Bailey De Young, also of Bunheads ballerina fame, who we’ve learned will roll up to the town gazebo, too.

De Young was spotted on set, and if you don’t know that background off the top of your head, it’s okay: they’re in Miss Patty’s Dance School, which also doubles as the Town Hall when it comes time to have important Stars Hollow meetings. But just because De Young is back in a dance studio, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll be reprising her Bunheads role of Ginny. A note on her trailer door (which she shares with Keiko Agena) has her listed as “Heidi.”

Maybe this is a new character. Or maybe this has been designed to throw us off the scent of a magnificent Gilmore Girls/Bunheads crossover. While that crossover would be a DREAM, it might be a little bit weird for some. Kelly Bishop, who plays Emily Gilmore, and Liza Weil, who plays Paris, both had starring roles on Bunheads, and are returning back to their original GG roots.

Reprising their roles or not, this cross-over is certainly getting us excited. As long as Sherman-Palladino continues this route, soon, she’ll have her own sprawling television universe, full of pop culture fast-talking wonderful characters, and we want to go to there.

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