Living icon Annie Lennox responded to the radio station that thought she was an up-and-coming artist

Sometimes, a facepalm is the only reasonable response when you just can’t find the words. On Thursday, musical legend Annie Lennox replied to a radio station that attempted to scout her via email, and omigod, the entire exchange has us majorly cringing.

In a post shared on her Twitter, the iconic rock star replied to a message she received from a Los Angeles radio station that mistakenly believed it had discovered Lennox, even going so far as implying the former Eurythmics singer was an “up and coming artist.”

The fact that Lennox is a multiple-award-winning artist with over four decades in the game appeared to be completely lost on the station, which asked for a copy of her latest single for ~possible~ airplay.

"I came across your music online and really like what I heard," the post reads. "I'm the New Music Coordinator for a station that has over 100,000 unique listeners each month," the rep added before requesting a copy of Lennox's music.

Luckily, Lennox took it all in stride with a hilarious and to-the-point response, writing, “I think I’m in with a chance??!!!”

Umm, yah, we do too, Annie.

Initially, it seemed like this was a legitimate, albeit painfully clueless mistake, but apparently, the attempted scouting of Lennox is actually a scam, wherein supposed radio stations pretend to discover artists. The 62-year-old singer confirmed it and even had a word of warning for actual up-and-comers in the music industry.

“I’d urge any new (or indeed established) artists to send that kind of email straight to your trash. Companies reaching out cold to help you, sending emails that are clearly formulaic with links asking for cash to upload your tracks are a very dodgy business indeed and not one I want to see anyone fall foul of,” she wrote.

While that is truly unfortunate that people are preying on unsuspecting artists, we can’t be the only ones relieved this wasn’t a legitimate scouting attempt.