Anne Hathaway explained how she “almost killed” her son on a jungle gym

We all know that jungle gyms are heaven for kids, but sometimes they can be kinda precarious. During her appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Anne Hathaway shared how she ‘almost killed’ her son on a jungle gym slide in New York.

Don’t worry, everything is fine with Jonathan (who is already a year old!) and he’s 100% alive, but the story is so relatable — because things happen sometimes that are out of our control — and Hathaway is always so generous in sharing the ups and downs of her life as a new mom.

"We had a great day today," she shares with Fallon. "I took him to a park…and he loves swings. And I noticed all these other kids were coming down the slide, and it looked like an unusual slide. Like, maybe it was built before they had child safety measures in place. [But] It was gorgeous, and I noticed the kids weren't going that fast, so I said, 'OK, I'll bring Johnny on.'"

Aaaaaaaand that decision lead to a little bit of scary. She noted that she forgot to take into account the basic physics of slides…as in the heavier you are, the faster you’ll go. So instead of of slowing down like all the little kids, Hathaway and her son were picking up speed…and tons of people were watching.

"It starts to go so fast, and all the moms are watching, and I'm so self-conscious. As it speeds up, my thoughts slow down, and I just look ahead and I get very serious and very focused and just think, 'I must stick this landing.'"

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And she stuck it! There was even a demonstration.


"You know, when you almost killed your child, but you didn't. In the inside you're like, 'Everything's OK. Walk it off, walk it off,'" she told Fallon. "Then we went back to the swings and stayed there forever."

PHEW. We’re relieved that everyone was okay, and even though Hathaway had that moment of panic, we’re sure that little Jonathan had an amazing time at his jungle gym excursion.

Fallon mentions how cute he is, and yup, babies make us melt!

Thanks for sharing, Anne. You always tell it like it is, with a great sense of humor.

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