Anne Hathaway’s #tbt won #tbt forever

Anne Hathaway, she of nice face and nice personality, is the famous version of that one friend who you sometimes want to get annoyed at, but she’s so earnest that it’s impossible not to love her. Even when she does things like post your high school yearbook photo for her own Instagram #TBT. Which is exactly what Anne did. Anne Hathaway’s #TBT just won #TBT 4ever. I’m mad and glad? I don’t know, I’m feeling a lot right now.

The photo, which features Anne’s fellow People’s Choice nominees Melissa McCarthy, Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, and Scarlett Johansson, is even equipped with an incredibly sweet (and undoubtedly earnest, this is Anne Hathaway) caption: “Uh, they were even cute in high school. Very proud to be nominated with these women for this year’s @peopleschoice award for favorite movie actress!”

Except that, um, where is your high school photo, Anne? Sure, none of these women seem to have gone through much of an awkward period (of course they didn’t), and everyone looks equally as good as they do now (of course they do), and maybe, Anne, your turn in The Princess Diaries as delightfully awkward teen Mia Thermopolis was perhaps a bit close to home, but did you seriously just post all of your competition’s high school photos and omit your own? Yes, yes you did.

Like, if it were anyone else we might be annoyed. But this is Anne Hathaway, guys! If this was someone else we might be thinking, “wait, is there an ulterior motive here?” But again, this is Anne Hathaway. Which means, there totally wasn’t.

Honestly, I am eternally grateful to now know that Melissa McCarthy was a li’l teen punk, and that no one has ever worn pearls as much as Meryl wore pearls, and that Scarlett and Drake have a similar fashion sense, and that Sandra, well, she’s just forever precious. I know these things now. And it’s all because of Anne and some serious #TBT game.

[Images via Shutterstock and Instagram]