Anne Hathaway is taking a break from social media, and we totally understand

A ton of celebrities (not to mention, every day people) have opted to take breaks from social media this year. And we 100% get it. The barrage of updates, not to mention the temptation to create “perfect” versions of our lives via pics and posts, can just be exhausting. So when Anne Hathaway announced she’s taking a break from social media yesterday via her Instagram account, we totally got it.

While social media has the capacity to provide so many benefits in our lives, the reality is it can sometimes make us less happy. It’s just so easy to dive down the rabbit hole of other people’s news feeds as opposed to connecting with the friends and family right in front of us. Not to mention how it can cause us to constantly compare ourselves to what we imagine other people’s lives are like — which is never a recipe for good times.

This was Hathaway’s specific post in which she revealed she would be taking a break. And we’re sending her a virtual high five.

"PS- I wanted to let you know I am taking a pause from Instagram and Facebook. Until next we meet," she wrote at the very end of her heartfelt message.

Not to mention her beautiful reflections on the year at large:

"As we go into a new year full of new opportunities, please remember that anger is a depot and not the train, so don't let it be your whole journey.

We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves, Anne. And while we don’t know Anne’s exact reasons for taking a breather, we support her decision to take a break from the whole social media game so hard.

Take as much time away as you need. We’ll be here for you whenever you decide to return (or even if you decide not to)!

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