Anne Hathaway revealed that this iconic Princess Diaries moment was totally an accident

Mia Thermopolis from The Princess Diaries will forever be the most relatable princess who ever lived—on-screen, anyway. For starters, she responds to finding out she’s an heir to the throne by saying, “Shut up.” She also has no idea how to put on pantyhose, sit properly in a chair, or flirt with someone cute. The thing that we can relate to most of all, though, is the fact that she’s royally clumsy. Remember that iconic moment when Princess Mia falls down hard in between the bleachers? Well, Anne Hathaway just spilled the beans on what actually happened during that scene.

Hathaway shared some insider secrets and emotional moments for ABC’s The Happy Days of Garry Marshall, a tribute to the beloved director of many classic movies, including The Princess Diaries. The actress revealed that her bleacher fall in the movie was, in fact, a complete accident and not at all scripted. She explains that it had been a rainy day, the crew was trying to get the shot done quickly because the daylight was fading, and, the rest is history.

“I turned really fast, slipped on a puddle, and just fell, I mean just absolutely fell and burst out laughing,” Hathaway said.

She said that she kept on going with the scene and put the misstep out of her mind completely, until six months later when it appeared in the film’s trailer. She recalled Marshall’s decision to keep the scene in the film, saying, “He kept it because it was a charming moment.”

Watch Hathaway recall the making of the scene below.

In the tribute special, Hathaway also got teary-eyed thinking back to her audition for the film and the way Marshall supported her acting career. “I show up [to the audition] and I looked around, there were so many other young actresses there, and I knew all of them. They were all recognizable. And here I am, this nobody walking in,” Hathaway said, according to ET.

She explained how Marshall helped her be the best Princess of Genovia she could be, crediting him for leading her toward a lifetime of success. “I had no idea what I was doing. I was just doing my best. And Garry really crafted that performance to be the best it possibly could be. And that’s how I was introduced to the world,” she said. “The Princess Diaries changed my life.”

To be honest, it changed ours, too—and we’re adding The Princess Diaries to our weekend movie marathon list right now.

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