Just watching Anne Hathaway full fan-girl over Mariah Carey

Anne Hathaway is a pretty BIG movie star if you ask us, and we’ve loved her since her very first movie (The Princess Diaries, if you’re not keeping track). On the red carpet for her latest movie, The Intern (which is out tomorrow), we learned another reason to love her so much: she is a BIG Mariah Carey fan-girl.

While talking to a reporter, Hathaway happens to notice that Carey is not far behind her, and then loses all sense of composure. She completely forgets that she’s in the brand new Nancy Meyers movie alongside (mega) movie star Robert De Niro, because MARIAH CAREY, YOU GUYS. As the singer inches closer and closer to Hathaway, she provides us with updates like, “she is two arm lengths away right now.”

You know Hathaway is in total shock/fan-girl mode, because she literally forgets how to speak for a few seconds, and calls Carey “the best glamorous ever,” before realizing: “That’s not even a sentence. There’s no grammar there.” Then when Hathaway catches a glimpse of Carey literally right behind her, she gets the camera man to shift his position, so both of them can be in the same shot.

Major props to Hathaway for not just whipping out her phone to snap a selfie with Carey in the background, like we totally would have. Instead, she’s got this amazing little video for all of the world to see. Check out Hathaway’s moment below, and admit to yourself that you’d behave exactly the same way.

But wait — DO THE TWO EVER MEET? The world needs to know.

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