Anne Hathaway eating her Givenchy purse is the glamorous version of all of us

Have you ever loved a fashion accessory — let’s say, your purse — so much that you wanted to eat it?

Well, Anne Hathaway just might, at least according to one of her latest Insta posts.

The best part about Hathaway sampling her purse? It shows she’s a real person, and that includes wanting to nibble on her purse sometimes. NBD.

ICYMI, Hathaway is such a fashion icon, we almost can’t keep up.

Like the black leather overalls she rocked at a Colossal TIFF party the other day.


Or the way she looked like a Genovian Princess on the red carpet for the Colossal premiere.


Or, just her overall coolness-all-around factor, and how she’d love to be Catwoman again.


And how she believes in taking a break from shopping sometimes to help the environment, aka #fastingfromfastfashion.

But, back to the Givenchy purse.

Who can blame Hathaway for munching on it?

After all, Givenchy is delicious — at least the way it looks.

You may remember seeing Hathaway in Givenchy before, like at the world premiere of Les Miserables in London, England back in 2012.


And none of us can forget when she wore a Givenchy purse as a hat.

(I have a feeling it wouldn’t look as good if we tried it!)

But Hathaway sampling her purse in her latest Insta post shows us that she can do anything… and look good doing it. #LifeGoals

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