This 24-year-old woman now runs Oklahoma’s Democratic party

Are you ready to get inspired? The news can make it seem like women are being set back left and right. But one woman is fighting back. Meet the 24-year-old woman who now runs Oklahoma’s Democratic party! Anna Langthorn is going to be your new feminist hero, and she’s just getting started.

Although women are often encouraged to get into politics these days, the numbers are telling a different story. Even studies prove that politics are not a welcoming place for females. Yet, Anna Langthorn is pushing on and fighting for her spot. She was the youngest Oklahoma State Democratic Chair to be elected — EVER.

So how did this all happen?

Anna’s political career began in high school. At first, she was politically aware but not overtly active. But after a breakup when she was 17, she sought out something that would give her purpose — and the Democratic party called her name. She became increasingly active, interning with local candidates while she was still in high school. Furthermore, she even skipped her high school graduation to attend the Oklahoma State Democratic Convention.

This year, Anna ran for Oklahoma State Democratic Chair. And she won!

"The day of the convention, anyone can be nominated from the floor. There were four candidates, three serious candidates at the end. It was pretty contentious and very, very competitive," Anna told ELLE. "I announced that I was running and traveled around the state to meet with delegates, who are the people who vote, in their counties. I introduced myself and shared my vision with them and on the day of the convention, I got the most votes, but didn't get over 50 percent, so we had a runoff. And then we had the runoff vote, and here we are."

She’s passionate about fighting for equality.

"I believe, deeply, that we have to be leading on women's issues and LGBT issues and the issues that are affecting communities of color while we drill down on that economic populist message," she said. "We need to fight for fairness, but we need people to know that we're fighting, which isn't happening in the state now."

Now as the Oklahoma State Democratic Chair, Anna Langthorn can be seen continuing her methods of reaching out. Obviously, it’s working.

But what truly makes Anna stand out, is her forward thinking.

Anna understands that one of the reasons why Democrats have been fighting an uphill battle is because they are often stuck in the past.

"We have to use every tool we have," she said. "We need to use Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter to reach, like, me, and we need to recognize that there are voters who can only be reached by phone calls and door-to-door visits."

She’s only just gotten started, but already Anna Langthorn is proving that hard work and innovative ideas work. Hopefully, she can serve as an example to other women who are considering running for office. Because we truly need all of their voices.

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