Anna Kendrick’s hilarious caption for her latest photospread will make you LOL

As the resident funny woman of our hearts, Anna Kendrick can basically do no wrong. Not only is she an insanely talented actress, singer, and all-around badass, but she’s also super funny…like, she should seriously consider taking on a career as a comedian if this whole “acting” thing doesn’t work out (haaaaaa!!!). Anna, as you may know, is also a major player when it comes to fashion as she recently demonstrated with a gorgeous nude tulle dress on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. So, what happens when Anna combines her love of fashion and humor? Oh, a little something like this…

"Oh balls, I left the remote over there but I just perfected my 'casually lounging' position."

Okay, FIRST of all – let’s just all agree that Anna looks AH-MAZING (as always). Like, if only we could look that fabulous while “casually lounging,” too! But her quote is just A+++. Although, let’s be real, it’s not a huge surprise considering how on point she always is when it comes to witty and relatable Twitter posts.

Like when it comes to the importance of BFFs.

And relationships.

Or the time she pretty much summed up adulting for us all.

Anna Kendrick, you are a hilariously perfect gem and please don’t ever change!

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