Anna Kendrick is SUPER upset Ben Affleck refuses to cast her in “Batman”

In case you’re late to the party, Anna Kendrick is an adorable dream and she should be cast in every movie every made from here on out. From now, until forever. She’s stolen our hearts — and many scenes — over the years in a handful of movies, and don’t expect her to go anywhere anytime soon. Anna is out to conquer the world, but it turns out there’s one giant hurdle standing in her way:

Ben Affleck.

All Anna Kendrick wants to do is be in the next Batman movie, and all Ben Affleck wants to not to do is cast her in it. During a recent interview with MTV, Anna made her intentions known, and Ben is just not that into it.

Trying to pitch herself as the best plucky sidekick ever (aka, Robin) Anna makes a good case for being cast as the Boy Girl Wonder. And Ben’s just like “ummmmmmmmmm.”

Turns out, Ben’s just got a chip on his shoulder because HE wasn’t cast in a movie once, and he’s still kinda upset about it. Ben Affleck has a song in his heart, and he just wants to sing. Too bad — as Anna states — he’s now just made everything “~awkward~.” At least the two of them poking fun at each other is good for some late day LOLs.

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