Anna Kendrick’s character in “Trolls” isn’t “traditionally” beautiful—and here’s why

Everything that Anna Kendrick touches basically turns to gold (did you see her hilarious duet medley with James Corden?! Or every movie she’s been in, ever?) so naturally we can’t wait for the Trolls movie to come out.

Kendrick voices the role of Princess Poppy, who is apparently set to break the tradition of attractive animated female characters that have become so boorish in recent years.

Well yeah, because she’s a troll, right? Trolls are not typically beautiful creatures.

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But apparently, there’s a more substantial reason for the filmmakers avoiding traditional standards of beauty. During the Dreamworks Animation presentation at San Diego Comic-Con, producer Gina Shay spoke about the development of Poppy’s character.

“As filmmakers we feel like it’s our responsibility to give girls memorable characters that don’t make them feel inadequate in body image. We broke every princess rule in the book on this one; we kept the troll shapes round, shoeless.”

Shay goes on to speak about her own daughter, and her impressionable nature. “My daughter’s eleven, she has a really powerful mind and I would rather have her using it to be imaginative instead of obsessing in front of a mirror because all girls are beautiful.”

It’s important that girls have positive role models in entertainment—characters who don’t have thin and delicate lips, blushed cheeks, fluttering eyelids, a slender figure, and a perfectly symmetrical facial structure that you never actually see in real life.

It looks like Trolls will deliver some of these goods, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us with Kendrick’s character in particular!

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