Anna Kendrick sums up Hollywood’s gender bias ‘Pitch Perfect’-ly

As if Anna Kendrick wasn’t already inspirational enough, she just dropped some genuine knowledge on the lack of respect for women in Hollywood and particularly in the casting process. We bow down to her.

In a recent interview with Glamour, Anna talks about tons of important issues, including the reality that we can’t all be “Cool Becca,” what it’s like turning 30, and the plight of being a workaholic. But her comments on gender bias in casting are particularly illuminating.

Wait what? Men are routinely cast before women? Also, what the heck is this mystery movie waiting around to cast Anna? Especially when movies like Pitch Perfect have proven that both sexes can be — to quote a Jessie J song the Bellas covered — “all about the money,” when it comes to box office numbers, why not cast a big female star like Anna, and THEN find the male co-star to match.

This is definitely not the first time Anna has spoken some hard but necessary truths about feminism and women, including nicely defending the use of the word feminism saying in a previous interview: “Why are we afraid of that word? It exists and we can’t get rid of it, so let’s fight for it and embrace it.” Uh huh, honey.

With sexism still running rampant in Hollywood (see this Tumblr for proof) it can feel like there’s little to celebrate. But when we see women like Anna owning their talent, and supporting other women in the field (did you see her repping Mae Whitman after it was announced that Maika Monroe would replace her role in Independence Day 2?), we need to take notice and we have license to celebrate.

Because, yes, there are so many talented gals out there and they deserve the respect and attention that casting directors apparently don’t wanna give them. So kudos to Anna for calling this out, for spreading word of what happens behind the scenes, and for supporting other women. Unless people like Anna speak up, things won’t change; thanks to people like her, they likely will.

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