Anna Kendrick roasted herself while presenting Justin Timberlake with an award because she’s the best

Two of our favorite celebs have been paling around lately, and it makes us smile. These two star together in Dreamworks’ animated film Trolls, which was released on Friday. And last night, they charmed us yet again. At the Hollywood Film Awards Anna Kendrick presented Justin Timberlake with an award for one of his songs in the movie, and her self-deprecating speech made us giggle.

She and Justin seem to have a blast filming Trolls together, which is crazy cute. Along with promoting her huge animated film, Anna also has a book coming out next week. But of course, Anna still has plenty of time to be the adorable goofball that she is at the HFAs last night.

Anna Kendrick totally roasted herself at the Hollywood Film Awards last night, and we loved it.

In talking about Trolls, Anna says, "when I heard Justin Timberlake was coming on, I said, 'Ew.' Because I'm incapable of sincerity. Needless to say, I was totally thrilled. I just think sarcasm is an acceptable substitute for a personality."

LOL! We have to say, Anna’s sarcasm is one of our favorite parts of her personality. Anna’s sense of humor makes her relatable and real. Plus, it’s always refreshing to see a beautiful, talented celebrity able to laugh at herself. The world can be a crazy place. We can’t take ourselves too seriously.

And it’s clear from any of her interactions with JT that all her sarcasm comes from the heart. Cuz these two are definitely pals.


Don’t they look so adorable together? They’re anything but “ew.” And the biggest bummer about Trolls being in theaters now is that we might see less of these two hanging out.

But, we’re glad to see that Anna can still charm us with her sassiness.

Love you girl, and all your sarcasm!

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