Anna Kendrick rapping on the “Pitch Perfect 3” set at 5 a.m. is exactly what you need to get through Monday

Everybody hates Mondays, especially if yours starts (or never ends) in the early morning hours. This is all too true for Anna Kendrick on the set of Pitch Perfect 3 this morning.

Seriously, everybody hates Mondays. We’ve said it before and we’re saying it again. Luckily, the Pitch Perfect star is here for you…sort of.

After a very long day of filming Pitch Perfect 3, Kendrick was a little tired. Okay, she was a lot tired, and the only way to deal with it was by rapping.

Thanks to the 31-year-old star’s hilarious early morning Instagram video, we have something to get through our Monday.

"I get to go home soon...they keep promising...if I'm very good...#nightshoots," Kendrick captioned her video.

In the Insta-vid, the actress shows off her rapping skills and pretty voice. Sure, it’s really early, and she’s really tired, but she’s got skills.

“Here, here I go, here I go again girl, what’s my weakness? Night shoots,” Kendrick raps.

The video shows that the Table 19 star is in full makeup, rocking a sweatshirt on set at 5:12 a.m. Yikes!

Although we wouldn’t wish a late-night, early morning work day on anyone — especially on a Monday — this just makes us laugh.

If you need more Kendrick to brighten your work day, we’ve got you covered. The aca-awesome actress has been sharing numerous videos from set for you to enjoy.

Two weeks ago, the Maine native couldn’t get comfortable while relaxing between takes. Luckily her discomfort led to a hilarious video of how she actually sits.

“…the only comfortable position I’ve found.” That’s the end of that sentence,” she captioned the video. “Amazing vid courtesy of the one and only Britt Snow.”

During another Pitch Perfect 3 shoot day, the whole cast got a little goofy. Throughout this video, you can see your favorite Barden Bellas rocking some interesting hair pieces.

It was a long day, so shenanigans obviously took place.

Which aca-awesome set video is your favorite? How do you get through your Monday?

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