Anna Kendrick is pretty in pink for Flare magazine in her most fun and flirty photoshoot yet

It’s no secret that we love Anna Kendrick around these here parts. She’s everything we could want in an actress — extremely talented, hilarious, and real. This is why we’re so thrilled to see her SLAYING on the cover of Flare magazine’s winter 2016 issue.

A thought on Anna Kendrick. She is truly a style chameleon. Pant suits, summer dresses, dramatic red carpet looks, and sometimes girly and sweet pretty-in-pink looks.


So stunning.

Here’s another:

And another!

We love them all.

She sat down with Flare to talk about her memoir, Scrappy Little Nobody. We’ve already heard some small things from the book, like her thoughts on Zac Efron, but now we’re getting even more!

She talks about her early 20s obsession with her “number,” or the amount of men she had slept with.

She tells Flare:

“When you’re 22, it feels like there’s an ideal you’re supposed to aspire to, but nobody will tell you what it is. It’s completely arbitrary, and some people are going to think it’s the right thing and some people are going to think it’s the wrong thing.


She also adds, referring to one of her favorite shows, Broad City:

"A woman who celebrates the idea of her best friend pegging a guy is just heaven."


We love Anna, and we love this spread!

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