Anna Kendrick wore pajamas to her book launch, and we’re inspired

While we all have fashion fantasies, there’s one that seems more universal than any other: wearing pajamas in public. We love to dress up, but we love sleeping more. Sometimes we just want to be able to roll out of bed and hit the town without changing. While that may still be faux pas, wearing a silky set of fashion pajamas certainly isn’t. Anna Kendrick wore Fleur du Mal PJs to her book launch and looked fabulous, reminding us that nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it.

Anna wore a black and white silk pajama set to the paperback launch of her book, Scrappy Little Nobody.

She paired the graphic long-sleeved set with a mini bag featuring plenty of hardware and Kelly green pumps. Unexpected? Absolutely. Unexpectedly chic? You betcha.

While these pajamas would be totally chic to actually sleep in, we love the idea of wearing them out. You can even split the set up, wearing a bodysuit with the pants, or some trousers with the top.

In true Anna fashion, this look is a reminder to not take yourself, or life, too seriously. Eat dessert before dinner! Laugh at your own jokes! Wear your pajamas in public!


We have to give it to Anna for rocking the best accessory of all: a book. So, for the days when you wish you could stay in bed, reading all day long, just put on your fashion pajamas and hit the streets, book in hand. It’s almost the same, we promise.

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