Anna Kendrick live-tweeted cleaning out her closet because she’s Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick is the realest person we know. Okay, the realest person we aspire to know. Her Twitter musings make us simultaneously laugh out loud and ponder life’s greatest questions. (Example: “When is that terrified-of-everyone-I-don’t-know feeling going to go away?” We don’t know, Anna. We just don’t know.)

So naturally, when Anna started live-tweeting #OrganizingDay, we followed along. If these posts don’t make you want to be her BFF, I don’t know what will.

She kicked things off by giving a shoutout to H&M hangers and debunking the myth that velvet hangs are helpful in any way.

Next, she called herself out on owning way too many bras. I think many of us can relate.

Then, she perfectly illustrated that moment where you question why you own something ridiculous, justify why you want to keep it and toss it back into the depths of your closet.

This #OrganizingDay was brought to you by Pentatonix.

And just like that, she dropped this truth bomb of realness.

I think we can all agree that Anna Kendrick should live-tweet more things, because she always manages to find the funny in everything and make us LOL. We can’t say how much organizing was done, but we do know a lot of quality tweeting was accomplished.

Images via Twitter, Universal Pictures

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