Behold the power, the glory, the prowess of Anna Kendrick on ‘Lip Sync Battle’

As predicted, Anna Kendrick totally SLAYED on Lip Sync Battle Thursday night. While John Krasinski was a worthy opponent, he was no match for Ms. Kendrick. To borrow a line she’d be cool with, she was aca-mazing.

Her first song was One Direction’s “Steal My Girl,” and she told the crowd that it came from “[her] heart.” Kendrick started off strong, and finished even stronger — halfway through her number, she began dancing in front of images of Krasinski’s wife, Emily Blunt. If that wasn’t enough to drive the message home, Kendrick was also wearing a t-shirt with her and Blunt’s faces inside of a perfect heart (um, where can we get one of those? Asking for a friend). Blunt was totally in on the joke, too, and promised to keep it a surprise for her husband. It worked.

Kendrick’s second song was even better. She chose “Booty” by J. Lo and danced — complete with backup dancers! — in a one piece jumper and hit all the right moves. Seriously, Kransaski, your NSYNC swagger can’t compete with that.

But, OK, in fairness, Krasinski was actually pretty amazing dancing to NSYNC’s “Bye Bye Bye.” You know he spent a whole lot of time watching the group’s 2000 video, because he had all the original marionette moves down pat. It was impressive, sure. He also made a pretty good Tina Turner. But still no match for Kendrick.

With the added bonus of a surprise appearance by J. Lo herself, even Colorful Commentator (her actual title, and she’s perfect at it) Chrissy Teigen had to award all the glory to Kendrick. Krasinski accepted his defeat honorably — but I hope this means a rematch is on the horizon.

You can watch both their battles below, and it’ll be the best thing you do all day. #TeamAnna forever.

Image via here.