Watch Anna Kendrick charm the pants off Jon Stewart

In case you haven’t noticed, Anna Kendrick is making the talk show rounds to promote her upcoming musical film, Into The Woods—and the world is a better place because of it. Let’s just say the lady—who plays a princess on-screen and in our hearts—gives the most delightful interviews on record.

But last night, Jon Stewart set the bar when he hilariously grilled her on The Daily Show. Turns out Jon loves Anna as much as we do. “Are you at all concerned about being typecast as a hugely talented multi-dimensional star?” Stewart asked her, following up with, “Shouldn’t you suck at something?” Kendrick jokingly defended herself, saying she’s bad at a few things. Hard to believe.

We also learned some golden nuggets about the making of Into the Woods, at least from Kendrick’s perspective. She said she often made crew members nervous on set when she performed her vocal stretches (and tried to brush off her strange noises as “casual”). Kendrick also discovered she can’t “sing Sondheim” in a corset running up and down stairs, which is totally acceptable considering many of us probably couldn’t sing Sondheim sitting down in sweatpants. Oh, and Chris Pine—who plays her prince in the movie—made her laugh so hard once she thought she was actually dying.

Check out the whole video below, and try to tell me this lady ain’t the best.

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