Anna Kendrick + Jimmy Fallon + a dozen eggs. Just watch.

And just when you thought Anna Kendrick couldn’t be any more awesome, she goes ahead and outdoes herself. . .with a carton of eggs. Yeah, she’s not afraid to get messy for the sake of a challenge.

While visiting The Tonight Show to talk to Jimmy Fallon about Pitch Perfect 2 (May 15, Y’ALL!), Anna got to play one of Fallon’s signature games. This time she sat down for Egg Russian Roulette, and the rules were simple: “The first to smash two raw eggs on their head is the loser.”

Sure, she’ll give it a go. And she’ll kick ass. Kendrick played with an intensity that can not be rivaled, and handled the whole “smash eggs on your head” thing with as much grace as one can when they’re smashing eggs on their head. So who won? Guess.

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