Anna Kendrick and Jimmy Fallon reading kids’ scary stories is even more hilarious than we imagined

The Tonight Show is at it again — making us laugh uncontrollably once more. Anna Kendrick and Jimmy Fallon reading kids’ scary stories is something we didn’t even know we needed in our lives, but we sure are happy it happened. Fallon has a lot of epic segments on the Tonight Show and “Kid Theater” is easily one of the best ones.

This time, the 42-year-old talkshow host had both Kendrick and John Lithgow help him out and the result was hilarious.

Usually what happens on “Kid Theater” is that Fallon has elementary school children write different short scenes based on real movies that normal kids would not know anything about or care about. After the scenes are written, Fallon has his guests read and act out the scenes they’ve created and, as you’d expect, the outcome is awesome.

On Friday’s episode of the show, Fallon switched it up a little by changing the skit to “Kids Campfire” and having his guests read scary stories that real kids had written. The Pitch Perfect star slayed it with her “Kids Campfire” part and we can’t stop laughing.

Each story was written by a child under the age of 10 and they were read while the stars held a giant flashlight under their chin — for dramatic effect, of course. Fallon began with a story called “The Anonymous Man,” and he tried not to break into laughter.

Kendrick went next reading “The Hungry Ghost,” which included a “real ghost” and stopping at McDonalds. She added in a little sass as she somehow kept a straight face huddled under her blanket. Lithgow totally nailed his story, “Ghost Boy,” and he didn’t even look at the piece of paper!

The whole segment was pure comedy gold.


We are so grateful that these talented (and hysterical) performers just helped us laugh ourselves silly this Halloween season.

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