Anna Kendrick and James Corden sang an entire love story and it was amazing

Last night on The Late Late Show Anna Kendrick (our queen) and James Corden did something pre-tty phenomenal: they compiled pop songs, using them to sing an entire fictitious love story. Consider us deeply charmed.

Their duet medley “Soundtrack to a Love Story” is a splicing of 11 pop love songs we adore, put perfectly together to tell the story of a relationship — from courtship, to marriage, to break up, and then reconciliation. It’s fun and unexpected and filled with songs we know the words to. Beginning with “Say a Little Prayer for You,” ending with “I Will Always Love You,” with a little “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” thrown in for good measure, Anna and James prove their insane one-take chops along with their skills for quick costume changes (that wedding scene?) and instantaneous genre switcheroos. We’re impressed.

We knew James Corden was totally amazing at live performances — guy’s a Broadway star, and need we remind you of the Tonys? — but Anna Kendrick was totally fantastic as well. We should have known that considering how great she was way back when she performed “The Cup Song” for David Letterman. Also this is NOT the first time these two have teamed up. They were in Into the Woods together — Anna as Cinderella and James as the Baker.


Can we expect more of these soundtrack sagas on The Late Late Show? We’d totally be here for that. In the interim though, we’ll just keep binging “Carpool Karaoke.” James Corden, how do you just know what’s good for our souls?

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