18 times Anna Kendrick gave us #stylegoals as the queen of casual

There are so many reasons to love Anna Kendrick. Not only is she hysterically funny, Anna Kendrick is also the queen of casual dress attire. Hence the reason she’s almost everyone’s #stylegoals. In addition to her impeccable red carpet game, she puts in serious style work on her off days.

How Anna finds time to be so dope is beyond our understanding. So, if you’re looking for someone to inspire your closet, look no further. Anna Kendrick, the queen of casual, will be your guide.

1 Fringe Details

Maybe try to include some fringe in your wardrobe for that added wow factor.

2 Cute Collars

A cute collar will takes your shirt to the next level. A bonus is including a pop of color with your shoes.

3 A Good Coat Goes A Long Way

In addition to being functional, a good coat will make your outfit look great without much effort.

4 When In Doubt

If you are struggling with what to wear, a hat and glasses add a bit of glamour.

5 Leather, Baby

Another great closet stuffer is the trusty leather jacket. It never goes out of style.

6 Plaid Shirts

To be the queen of casual, you will need this essential clothing piece. Plaid has made a huge comeback.

7 Shorts, Shorts, Shorts

If the summer is hot, you can look effortless with a good pair of jean shorts.

8 Chunky Heel

You don’t need stilettos to look fabulous. A chunky heel will get the job done just as well.

9 Pattern T-Shirt

Because nothing is better than a casual t-shirt.

10 Sweats

Sometimes a simple matching sweat set will do.

11 Florals

This look is very feminine.I t’s probably the easiest thing to throw on without care to make yourself look presentable.

12 Sports Shoes

In addition to being very casual, sneakers are a great way to motivate you to be more active.


The queen of casual may use friends as an accessory.

14 Puffy Coats

The coastal weather can be unforgiving.

15 Brown Shoes

They’re so casual, so easy going, and go with everything.

16 A Sense Of Humor

No queen should be without a sense of humor.

17 Bare Feet

This may be the best form of footwear out there.

18 Colorful Scarves

These add a pop of color when you need it most.

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